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Polaris, the North Star, has guided countless journeys throughout human history.

Our mission is to be your guide through the media landscape and to your campaign’s destination: victory.

It’s impossible to plot your course without seeing the full map.

Our mission is to guide your media strategy without arbitrary silos. We build media plans where mediums are working in concert together to efficiently reach your target audiences. Truly screen agnostic, we match your message to the channels that get in front of voters and decision makers. It’s efficient, effective, and just makes sense.

Your messaging goals are our north star.

Cross-Screen Media Planning

Screen agnostic media strategy that prioritizes an efficient, cost-effective media mix

Programmatic Digital

Reach key audiences wherever they are using a variety of data sources including the voter file

Advanced Linear Buying

Data driven media buying to broadcast your message

Spanish Language & Latinx Audiences

Speak to a key bloc of Democratic voters in the languages and media they prefer


Deftly navigate the growing but fractured streaming landscape

Terrestrial & Streaming Radio

Whether on drive time or streaming a podcast, get in the ears of your voters

You can trust us to guide you.

Our founder, Tom Pino, brings unparalleled expertise in navigating the new media frontier. As a former buyer and media director at some of the biggest TV and digital agencies in the country, he brings a wealth of media knowledge and campaign experience that few can match.

Learn more about his background here.

Reach out to learn more about what we do.


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